How Do Renters Sign Up for Zibo?

Posted by Zibo Team on Mar 4, 2021

Learn how Zibo works for renters in this step-by-step guide.


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As a renter, you may have received a message from your landlord inviting you to pay rent with Zibo. We created this guide to help renters like you get started on our platform.  

If your landlord hasn’t signed up to collect rent online through Zibo, you can invite them by completing the form on the Zibo Renters Page

Keep reading to learn how Zibo benefits renters, and get step-by-step instructions on the Zibo renter sign-up process — from landlord invitation to automating rent payments. 

What is Zibo and why should renters use Zibo?

Zibo is an all-in-one financial services platform for renters and landlords. Zibo provides renters a flexible and secure way to make rent payments online. Say goodbye to mailing paper checks every month and pay rent with your checking account, debit card, or credit card. 

You can also use Zibo to track your payment history, including security deposits, and automate rent payments to make sure you never incur late fees. 

How do renters sign up for Zibo? 

Step 1: Your landlord sends an invitation to join Zibo

Step 2: Create your free Zibo account

Step 3: Review your rent terms

Step 4: Choose your payment method

Step 5: Make or schedule a rent payment

Step 6 (Optional): Set up AutoPay

Step 1: Your landlord sends an invitation to join Zibo

Once your landlord sets up Zibo rent collection, they will invite their tenants to create a Zibo account. You’ll receive the invite via an automated email or text from Zibo, or your landlord can copy the invite link and send it to you directly. 

1 Marketing Email TemplateIf you haven’t received an invitation, check your spam folders or confirm that your landlord entered your correct contact information. 

Step 2: Create your free Zibo account

Next, click the sign-up link in the invitation to set up your free Zibo account. Enter your email address and create a password. Once you create your account, we’ll verify your email address by sending you a verification code. 

2 verification code

After you verify your email, you’ll be redirected to sign in to your new Zibo account. 

Step 3: Review your rent terms

Next, confirm that your address, rent amount and payment terms reflect your current lease agreement. If any information is incorrect, reach out to your landlord to make updates. 

3 review rent terms

Step 4: Choose your payment method

With Zibo, renters can choose from several secure payment options. 

4 debit or bank

You can link your bank account to make ACH transfers for free, or pay rent with a debit or credit credit for a 2.99% fee. Many Zibo renters use a credit card to earn points toward their rewards program, which can offset the fee. Renters also add a credit card as a backup funding source to give them more flexibility as they manage their cash flow.

To pay with your debit or credit card, simply enter your card information and billing address. 

To link your bank account, go through the guided setup. We partner with Plaid — the secure payments platform used by companies like Amazon, DocuSign, and Lyft — to protect your information as you sign into your bank account. Rest assured that your information will never be shared or sold. 

zibo plaid

You can always add additional payment methods later from the “Payment Methods” section of your Zibo dashboard.

Step 5: Make or schedule a rent payment

Once you set up your payment method, you’ll be redirected to your Zibo dashboard. When you’re ready to pay rent, click “Pay,” then choose your payment method and date. 

5 make payment

Important note: To ensure security for both renters and landlords, your first Zibo payment may take up to five business days to process. After that, your payments will process in 2-3 business days. 

Once you’ve submitted your payment, you can track the status on your Zibo dashboard. Your payment will say “PROCESSING” until your landlord receives it, when it will be updated to “PAID.” 

5b paid

Check your Zibo dashboard at any time to view your scheduled payments and payment history. 

Step 6 (Optional): Set up AutoPay

To make sure you never miss your rent deadline, Zibo renters can set up automated payments. Simply switch the AutoPay toggle (in the top right corner of your dashboard) to “AutoPay Rent On” and select your payment method and recurring payment date. 

6b autopay on

You can turn off AutoPay at any time. 

6c Autopay off

Congratulations, you’re now all set to securely pay rent online with Zibo! 

Want to start paying rent online with Zibo? Invite your landlord today. 

Invite Your Landlord to Zibo

Need help convincing your landlord to make the switch? Check out this blog post on 5 Reasons Why Landlords Should Collect Rent Online

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